It is a century since the second Great War tore the fabric of the Six Kingdoms.

The Wolf God Narak has returned from self imposed exile and now dwells at Col Boran with Pascha, the Sparrow God and God Mage, but their isolation is another kind of exile, and Narak is restless.

Revolution rears its head in the Kingdom of Afael, trouble is threatening the neighbouring land of Avilian and the invincible Wolf finds that he cannot resist the call to arms once more. But the world has changed, and it becomes increasingly difficult for him to tell if he is serving the right cause or simply protecting the past from a future that he does not understand.

New powers and old are rising, and there are some things that even Narak cannot kill.

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Civil war explodes across Avilian. In Bas Erinor Cain’s small army waits for Alwain’s inevitable assault. The northern lords march south to Cain’s aid, but even if they arrive in time there may not be enough food to feed them and the siege may be over almost as soon as it has begun.

In Afael Francis Gayne has the upper hand in the city, but Duke Kenton is marching south to claim the crown and Gayne is afraid to use his powers and expose himself to the god-mage’s judgement.

In Col Boran the god-mage Pascha does her best to stay apart from it all, but war has a way of drawing people in and Callista, her protégé, is not so afraid of her growing powers.

And in the small fishing town of Berrit Bay a stranger steps ashore from a foreign ship, and everything changes.

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The renegade Duke Alwain is dead and the war in Avilian is over, but the real trouble is just beginning. Men might have stopped fighting, but the gods have a war of their own to wage. A monster from the past has risen again and while he builds his strength, dragons and gods bicker over the best course of action.

Wolf Narak is changing, but has no idea why, or where those changes will lead him. Francis Gayne, now in control of Afael, looks into a dark mirror and discovers that he doesn’t like what he sees, but he is trapped on a dark path.

The dragon Kirrith believes that the world is ending.

He might be right.

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