Twisted Eye and More

The proofs of Twisted Eye, the eighth book in the Shanakan series are on their way. I hope to get everything sorted and the e-book released before Christmas. In the meanwhile, I have begun the ninth book (19000 words in) and it seems to be going along at about five to six thousand words a week. The working title is “Meridan” and the central theme is another voyage for the Wanderer. Other things happen, of course, and Cal’s relationship with Unity will change.

I now plan to make the tenth book the last in this series. That will be something north of a million words on Shanakan. If all goes well, the first draft of book ten shoud be finished some time in August 2024.

What happens after that, I’m still unsure. I was planning an autobiography of Wolf Narak – still a strong possibility. An account of what happened in the Seth Yarra Homeland after The Pity Stone and before Serpentine (a one hundred year gap, give or take), and even a codicil to the Derakwa trilogy.

If anyone had any preferences, please let me know.

In other news, Readers Favorites were kind enough to give me three five star reviews for The Seventh Friend.

You can see them here

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