The Sixth Wolf Narak Book

I have just finished writing the sixth book about Wolf Narak. It follows on from The Seventh Friend, The Bloodstained God, The Pity Stone, Serpentine, and Nothing But Tombs. It will be called The Promise of Fire and essentially concludes Narak’s story, but I won’t promise not to write another.

The book still needs to be proofed, so a few weeks yet before it comes out as a kindle eBook.

I’ve also finally satisfied myself that another of my books is ready to meet the public.

The Fish King is the first of a new series, but a stand-alone adventure set in the archipelago of Derakwa. No dragons in this one, but I think it may be up there with the best I’ve written. It should follow The Promise of Fire to the electronic presses – so about four to six weeks between the two.

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