Good news for fans of Wolf Narak. A new series featuring the Wolf God has begun. Serpentine is the first book in The Beggar’s Ride, which continues the story begun in The Sparrow and the Wolf.

The Series is planned to be three books and the second is already well underway.

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  1. Hi,

    I read the The Sparrow and the Wolf series and really liked it, I’m looking forward to the sequels even though I’m gonna wait for the next series to finish. I don’t like waiting between books. 😉
    To be honest though, I’m a bit confused by what’s next. As far as I can see you’ve published 3 books in the span of a year in 2014, then again in 2015. Both of them their own series. Now two more books have been published within a few days at the beginning of 2018, both of them continuing the two series in some fashion (that is clear from exploring your website, and a bit considerably less from your Goodreads page).
    Since by now we are at the end of 2018, what should I expect next? Will the Beggar’s Ride be finished soon? Is the Fourth Age of Shanakan done (or, at least, was the original trilogy complete in itself)? I ask because I do not start new series that have not already been published in their entirety, and I look forward to reading more of your books.

    Have a great day,
    A fan

    P.S.: It would be helpful if you clarified things a bit on your Goodreads page, like putting Serpentine in its own series and adding A Game of Three Hands to the other three books.

    1. Hi,

      Glad you liked the books, but sorry if there’s some confusion. To be honest I sell so few that I pretty much write for my own amusement these days. Having said that I will tell you what I’m working on and what’s coming up. I made a decision to finish the Wolf stories – or the mainstream of them anyway. Serpentine will probably get renamed. The follow-up to that is “The Loyalty of Men”, which is well on its way (227,000 words and counting – about 5,000 to 10,000 left). I hope to start revising that in January and it will probably be available in March. That will be followed by “The Promise of Fire”, which should be the conclusion of Narak’s story. There are two sidebars in plan. The first is Narak’s autobiography “The Wolf Himself”, which will cover everything up to and including the first Great War. The second has a working title “The Army of Light” and will cover Leras and Jerac Fane’s adventures in the Seth Yarra homeland. Timings on those – I have no idea. The Promise of Fire will probably take close to a year to write. I do between three and five thousand words a week.

      As for the Shanakan books – it looks endless. They are built around three main books. Shanakan is the first. I have a pretty good idea of the main themes of the second and third, but they are all built around Cal Serhan. All I can say is that there will be more lawkeeper books, and other streams will emerge. These will be shorter books, and I see it running to at least 12 volumes if I live that long 🙂 I will keep returning to Shanakan until I finish. There are currently 4 Shanakan books. While the central themes will continue to develop, each book is intended to be complete in itself.

      There is a third series currently unpublished. It will consist of three books, the first of which is awaiting attention, but notionally complete.

      I will try to get Goodreads to do as you suggest, but I can’t manipulate the series myself and have to ask.

      I hope that adds a little clarity!

      Tim Stead

      1. Hello!

        Well, I’m sorry to hear you aren’t selling many copies. It seems to me that your books are on par with many successful series, so I hope your breakout moment will come along. Imagine what delight then, for new fans to find so many books already published!

        Random-and-probably-known-and-thus-useless advice: have you tried sending a few free copies —no string attached— to influential reviewers to spread the word?

        I’m really looking forward to the continuation of The Wolf series and the fact that you seem to have it pinned down is very promising.

        I’ll keep following along,
        A fan

        1. A million years ago, or so, you expressed an interest in the second Wolf Narak series. This is now complete, and the final book proofs for the third book will be arriving here any day now. In their final form:
          Nothing but Tombs
          The Promise of Fire
          It will probably be a few weeks until I have the proofs and my readers have found the typos in Promise.

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