Free Book

My latest book is available FREE from the following link, but the catch is, you have to review or rate it.

I really enjoyed writing this one, so would like to know if it was as much fun to read as it was to write.

The Fish King

Today I published “The Fish King” as an e-book. This is a new book in a new series. It’s a self contained fantasy tale, but also part of a series. As with ‘The Fourth Age of Shanakan’, each story will be complete, but also leans a little on those that came before it. I am well into the sequel, now pushing 130,000 words (or over 400 pages). I would guess it will top out at around 200k.

I am especially pleased with this one. So here’s an offer to all those who follow me. Just ask, and I will send you a free copy of the e-book in exchange for a review. I don’t really care how long your review is (the longer the better, of course), but I depend on reviews for sales. Don’t mind if it’s Amazon or Goodreads (well, some advertisers prefer Amazon).

It’s available in .mobi or PDF.

The paperback will follow when I sort out a small issue with the cover.

News – The Fish King

The Fish King is back from the first of my readers and I am plodding through the rewrites. I am excited about this one. It may be the best thing I’ve written. It should be available to buy late January (very late) or early February.


Just to let you all know, The Seventh Friend will be on offer at $0.99 on the 25th January, and maybe a bit before and a bit after.

Happy New Year

2020 has been pretty appalling for most of us. I hope 2021 will be better for you all.

I’m still awaiting my readers’ verdict on the next book – Christmas and New Year have doubtless delayed things. I still hope to put The Fish King out in January.

The follow-up to The Fish King has just crossed 100,000 words, so well on the way. Probably another six months before that goes to be checked – I usually seem to finish in around 180,000 words, with a minimum of 500 words a day.

All comments and reviews welcome.

A New Book

The story is finished. Today I published the final book in Wolf Narak’s story: The Promise of Fire.
All you folks out there who’ve been waiting for the final volume before reading the others (there must be two or three of you!) can now get going.

As always, I appreciate reviews of all kinds.

Have a safe Christmas and a happy new year.

A Game of Three Hands

Another new book announcement. The Fourth Age of Shanakan now has its fourth book. We return to Samara and join Sam Hekman for another investigation. You can read more on the ‘Books’ page.


Good news for fans of Wolf Narak. A new series featuring the Wolf God has begun. Serpentine is the first book in The Beggar’s Ride, which continues the story begun in The Sparrow and the Wolf.

The Series is planned to be three books and the second is already well underway.