Progress Report

For anyone waiting to see what comes next, this is the news…

The sequel to Serpentine in almost done in first draft. It looks like a big one – around 760 pages. Working title is “The Loyalty of Men”. After the first draft comes a readthrough, then I’ll get a couple of copies off to readers to try and spot typo’s, context errors etc. Then comes the big edit. Hoping for the end of March as a release date, but we’ll see.

A Game of Three Hands

Another new book announcement. The Fourth Age of Shanakan now has its fourth book. We return to Samara and join Sam Hekman for another investigation. You can read more on the ‘Books’ page.


Good news for fans of Wolf Narak. A new series featuring the Wolf God has begun. Serpentine is the first book in The Beggar’s Ride, which continues the story begun in The Sparrow and the Wolf.

The Series is planned to be three books and the second is already well underway.