Tim Stead - Fantasy Writer

Award Fever

It's award season in New Zealand. Our annual Fantasy/SciFi/Horror awards are open for nomination, so if you enjoyed reading The Sparrow and the Wolf trilogy you can help to give it a tiny bit of immortality. My books are eligible for the Sir Julius Vogel award for best novel of 2014. I am also personaly eligible for Best New Talent. The award is purely for New Zealanders or those resident in New Zealand writing in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror.

It is an award that brings no monetary prize (there is a nice trophy) and I do not have to pay to enter it. The judges are the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand.

You can read about the award here, and about the nomination process here. There is even a list of eligible works.

However, I do need to be nominated as many times as possible to get onto the short list, and anyone, from any country, can nominate me simply by sending an email (N.B. You have to send a seperate email for each nomination!). I'll tell you how, but first:

Why do I want to be on the SJV shortlist? Simply put, I want more people to read my books. I think that even making the shortlist will encourage more people to take a chance on my work. It's the same reason that I dropped the prices on The Seventh Friend.


IF I am the best New Zealand author you have discovered this year in the fantasy genre you can nominate me for best new talent. To do this send an email to: sjv_awards@sffanz.org.nz

giving the following information:
My name: Tim Stead
Genre: Fantasy
Work: The Sparrow and the Wolf Trilogy
Contact: I can be reached at tim@timstead.info

For example:

I would like to nominate Tim Stead in the category Best New Talent in the Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2015. Tim Stead can be contacted at his personal email on tim@timstead.info He has published three fantasy novels this year - The Sparrow and the Wolf trilogy etc.

It would help if you expanded this a bit, telling them that you (presumably) enjoyed the book(s). i.e. WHY you're nominating.

IF you think The Seventh Friend (or any other of my books) is the best Fantasy novel released in 2014 by a New Zealander you can nominate me for Best Novel. The email goes to the same address.

It should contain the following information:
My Name (Tim Stead)
The Title of the work (The Seventh Friend)
The fact that the work is a novel
Pubisher (Self published)
The category that you're nominating it for (Best Novel)
How to contact the author (email tim@timstead.info)
The genre (fantasy)
Year of First Release (2014)
You might also like to point out that the books can be obtained through Amazon.com or Smashwords.com

Any comments you might have in support of the nomination.

For example:

I'd like to nominate Tim Stead's fantasy novel, The Seventh Friend, for the category Best Novel in the 2015 Sir Julius Vogel awards. The novel was self published in 2014 and available on Amazon, Createspace and Smashwords. Tim Stead can be contacted at his personal email on tim@timstead.info.

It would also help here to sing the book's praises a bit.

Remember that nominations close at the end of January, so if you'd like to say you liked my books in this unique way don't forget to nominate before then!