Tim Stead - Fantasy Writer


Length: 150,000 words approx

A young man walks out of the untamed western lands into the heart of Shanakan. He is Cal Serhan, clever, talented, barely more than a boy. He enters a world ruled by the brutal Faer Karan, inhuman shapeshifters, powerful mages unchallenged for four hundred years.

He is sent to be their enemy, but Cal will yield neither to the hatred that sent him, nor the terror that awaits him.

To the people of the land he will become the bringer of law and justice, to the Shan he will be the herald of the fourth age, and to the Faer Karan he will be a tool that will serve their dark purpose, or die.

Can he resist the tides of history, fate and political intrigue that surround him to carve his own path, or will he lose himself in the roles that others desire him to play?

Can he even survive long enough to make the choice?

Chapters (not current)

A little bonus - a deleted chapter from Shankan that basicaly describes Cal Serhan's first language lesson.

Shanakan is now available on amazon here.

The Lawkeeper of Samara

Samara is the greatest city in the world, recently freed from tyrannical rule it now has a city council and laws, and one man to keep them. Sam is trying to build a force of law keepers, but he stumbles across a terrible crime, and the more he learns the more it seems that magic is involved, the dead are piled high, and it's been going on for decades.

He knows he's out of his depth, but the law is the law, and Sam is going to enforce it, even if it kills him.

The Lawkeeper of Samara is now available on Amazon here.

Scar Felice

Length 100,000 words approx

Felice is a dutiful daughter. She keeps the books in her merchant father's warehouse. She expects litte more out of life; perhaps a husband and children one day. But her father sends her on a trading trip with her brother, and in the small port town of Yasu her brother in murdered, she is wounded, and the killer flees the town aboard a southbound ship.

Once recovered, Felice follows. She is determined to see justice done. She follows her brother's murderer to the great city of Samara, and on from there to the great teaching college of Woodside where she will finally meet the man who has scarred her and face a destiny quite different from the one she had expected.