Tim Stead - Fantasy Writer

I started writing this because I wanted to switch things around. So many fantasy novels are about dark lords threatening the world that I felt it was about time to write one from the other side's point of view. Of course this doesn't mean that my principle characters are especially evil, just that they will be perceived so by the other characters in the book. I just couldn't bring myself to write a book in which evil triumphs - probably because I don't think anyone would want to read it. Instead I've gone back to the old saw that nothing is good or evil but thinking makes it so. I hear protests in the wings, but think about it - You could find someone, somewhere, to defend almost any act, no matter how dispicable you and I might think it. We are left with the rather weak proposition that good and evil are defined by majority consensus, and that is a very dangerous idea. The consensus is liable to change.

The Endaine series magnifies an ecological strain that runs in the background of all my books.

The Warrior of Endaine

Length: 100,000 words targetted.