Tim Stead - Fantasy Writer

The Lawkeeper of Samara - 6th July 2015

My next book, The Lawkeeper of Samara, is publushed on Amazon today with a modest price tag of $2.99.

Those of you who have read Shanakan will be familiar with Samara, and may have a nodding acquaintance with Sam Hekman. Hekman emerges from the periphery of the narrative in this book as the head of Samara's fresh minted force of Lawkeepers.

This was a fascinating book to write, and I spent some time browsing forensics sites to see what might be knowable to a mediaeval pathologist - I just hope that I got it all right...

It was also a difficult took to write because it's effectvely a police procedural novel set in a fantasy world, and I've never tried that before. Fans of Michelle Sagara's "Cast in..." series may be familiar with the idea, but I like to think I've put a new spin on it. I guess only time and my readers will tell, but of all the books I've released so far I think this may be the best. It's relatively short (a little over 100,000 words), but I love the characters (I always love my characters, even when my readers don't), and the plot races along, keeping some secrets, I hope, until the last few pages. However, I'm not going to pretend that there's a massive twist in the tail.

This essentially sets out my stall for The Fourth Age of Shanakan. Sam Hekman is a character who will appear again and again - I hope - in a series of novels all of his own. There are other characters, too, who will have their own series, and I'm working on that. If you need a comparison, think of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series (without the humour). He had his own character groups (The Watch, The Wizards, The Witches, and finally Moist von Lipwig et al) who all inhabit the same world but have seperate adventures in novels that can really be read in isolation, but where the reading experience benefits from a knowledge of the earlier novels. That's what I'm trying to do.

The next book to come out will also be in this series. Scar Felice should be released within two months - hopefuly earlier - and will once again have new characters colliding with old ones. After that? Well it's about time Wolf Narak had a few more adventures, I think.

Hope you enjoy the new book!