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February 6th 2015 - Shanakan

I have decided to do things differently in the future. In the past I wrote a book secured a cover design and released the ebook as soon as I could, but I have discovered that it is far easier to pick up typographic errors when I'm reading a proper, paper book. From now on I will be creating the paperback first - this allows me to proof the book more accurately so that when the ebook finally gets out it will have many fewer errors in it.

The next book to come out will be Shanakan. This was initially called 'The Black Sword', but I changed the name to reflect the fact that this introduces a new series, a new world, and a new cast of characters.

I'll take this opportunity to reveal the cover of the new book - see below.

The book is written, covered, and now I'm awaiting the first proof so I can correct it. That will probably take some time. When I've corrected it and put the corrections into the text I'll upload that and release the ebook, and that should be in four to six weeks time, international post allowing. The ebook should still beat the paperback to market by about four weeks.

The ebook price will be US$2.99.

I almost feel the need to apologise in advance for Shanakan. It was the first book I wrote, and so has required more revision, more corrections and more rewrites than anything else. I still think it's a good read, though, and I would appreciate any feedback. It will be followed this year by 'The Lawkeeper of Samara', and 'Scar Felice', both of which are set in the same world, touch on the same characters - though each has its own protagonist. It is a series that will run and run.

For those of you that have enjoyed my work and would like to know when a new book is coming out please send an email to tim@timstead.info with your email address (if it's different from the one you're using) and the word LIST. I will add you to a mailing list. You will receive an email from me only when a new book or a new edition is released. I will not use the list for anything else.

And finally, thanks again to all of you who have bought one or more of my books, and especialy to those who rated or reviewed the books on Amazon and Goodreads (and Smashwords - thanks, Jeremy). Serious gratitude to those who nominated me for the Sir Julius Vogel Award. I have my fingers crossed.

Shanakan Cover