Tim Stead - Fantasy Writer

The Great Adventure - 1st March 2014

I stand on the edge of a great adventure.

Within a few weeks a book that I wrote will be available to millions of potential readers. Thatís not to say that millions will read it (I can hope, of course, as one hopes to win the lottery, but itís vastly unlikely), but some will.

Here are some things that I know.

I know that some people will enjoy reading it. Some already have, and that is a comfort. So I know that the book is ok. One agent told me that I write beautifully Ė and declined the book. Someone else told me that they didnít understand why I wasnít published (well, I can fix that). Anyone out there who has tried to get into print knows that for most of us it is a long, hard road.

I know that some people wonít like it. You canít please everyone. Iíd like to, of course, but when I look at Amazon reviews for books that I regard as superb I find that some people have panned them. Check out reviews for The Master And Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. I found this book amazing, clever, witty and captivating. Others hated it. Iím certainly not going to compete with Mikhail, so I expect someone Ė perhaps lots of people Ė will pan my book (and Iíll hate it).

I know that hardly anyone who reads the book will bother to tell me what they thought of it, even though I really want to hear from them Ė from you. I enjoy writing. The process of creating worlds and characters to people them is difficult, but also a lot of fun. Itís even more fun when people tell you about it Ė what they liked and what they didnít Ė because it helps you to get better as a writer. Every time someone comes back to me and says something as simple as ďgood bookĒ it helps to validate what Iím doing, spurs me on to write the next one.

I know that the book isnít perfect. As if. It has sticky patches. There are places where I can get caught up in my own narrative, and thatís just what I want, but other places where I stop and rework it over and over again, but it never seems to flow quite as well as other areas. Almost all books are like this. There are a few that Iíve read by Terry Pratchett and Roger Zelazny that seem completely effortless, but Iím not there yet. I may never be.

I know that Iíll keep on writing. Even if I only sell 100 books a year Iíll keep going, keep listening to those few who like what I do and bother to mention it, keep sharing adventures with my odd cast of characters, keep hoping that someone else will read one of my books and enjoy it.

I know that when it comes to being published I donít know anything Ė but Iím going to learn a lot.