Tim Stead - Fantasy Writer

Tim Stead

I'm a New Zealand writer, born British, lived in the UK, Hong Kong and here in NZ. I've worked as a reporter, an IT specialist and manager, and as a Divemaster. I now make my home in Canterbury within sight of the Southern Alps.

I got hooked on reading at an early age, and almost at once on writing - probably because I wanted to own the characters I read about - to see them participate in adventures of my own devising. From there I graduated to short stories. These were mostly contemporary or SF. My first publishing success however was with a fantasy piece: Heart of Stone.

The necessity of earning a living prised me away from writing for many years, but I have recently returned to it with a vengeance, writing solidly for the last few years, producing five novels in the Fantasy genre. I have recently begun trying to get them published.

I write high fantasy. If I had to compare it to anyone it would be George RR Martin, the current work being a tale with multiple characters and perspectives, but of course it's quite different. My writing style is inspired by the late Roger Zelazny, whose work I have always admired and enjoyed.

I believe in writing to entertain. There should always be some brightness at the end of a book, something about which the reader will be happy or satisfied - justice done, debts paid, calamity avoided. Having said that, a little darkness goes a long way. I think that a book stands or falls on the strength of its characters. I try to imbue mine with the duality that so characterises life. Good people do bad things. People make mistakes. Time and chance happens to us all.

I am also a member of SpecFicNZ, a group of published and aspiring writers of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror, based around New Zealand.

I have been shortlisted for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2015 in the category: Best New Talent.