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January 29th 2016

Having trouble remembering the year has changed. Just to let you all know that I've raised the price of The Seventh Friend from $0.99 to $1.99. This is not to earn more royalties, but there are a couple of promotional sites that insist that you discount by at least 50%, so I shall be looking to discount to $0.99 in a few weeks.

On a different note, just to thank those folks who read my books from the kindle library in December. It was my best library month ever.

January 8th 2016

The third book in The Fourth Age of Shanakan is now available on Amazon. Scar Felice continues the development of this world through the eyes of a trader's young daughter and her adventures as she seeks justice across half the world.

I've had more problems with my ISP, but I seem to have access now, so will try to update the blog soon.

December 1st 2015

It's been a while since I updated (slight problms with my ISP), but here I am again. The end of the year draws nigh and I'm now closing in on the half-way point in my latest book as well as proofing Scar Felice. I've recently returned from a trip to Australia and you'll be seeing a lot of that in upcoming blogs.

BUT! If your wondering what to buy folks for Christmas, or whatever you celebrate at this time of year, then why not buy them a new world? The Seventh friend is still only $0.99. It's a classic epic fantasy and running at 4.4 out of five on both Amazon and goodreads after over fifty ratings.

September 16th 2015

While the Serpent's Ward matures I have returned to another book - the third book in the new series: Scar Felice is complete and the proof is on its way. This is one of my favorite books. I had such fun writing it, and I hope that you'll enjoy it. Once the proof arrives I'll work through it and hopefully it will be avaiable before the end of October.

August 29th 2015

I finally finished the first draft of the first book of the second series of The Sparrow and the Wolf. The working title is: The Serpents Ward. Now it has to sit and wait for a while while I polish the third book from The Fourth Age of Shanakan. That should be a few weeks off, but I have the cover for it and so I should be looking at a paper proof in a few weeks.

August 19th 2015

You can find a review of my book Shanakan on Have Book, Will Travel

August 5th 2015

I've withdrawn my first three books from Smashwords, which means they'll no longer be available through Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo etc. Why? Well, I hadn't had a sale through any of those channels for over a month and a half. But why not leave them there? The answer is Kindle Unlimited, an Amazon programme that pays royalties every time someone borrows a book, and it only offers books that are exclusive to Amazon. So far this is proving profitable for my other books - Shanakan and Lawkeeper. So to all those Kinde Unlimited members out there you can now borrow The Seventh Friend and its sequels.

July 22nd 2015

For those of you who've read Shanakan there's a little bonus on the Shanakan page: a chapter that I cut out during the final edit. It concerns the Old Tongue, and will give you some insight into what I was thinking at the time. I cut the chapter because it added very little to the story, but I'm offering it here because it just might be of interest to some.

July 6th 2015

A new book is born! In the next few hours I'll be uploading the next book in the series: The Fouth Age of Shanakan. This is The Lawkeeper of Samara.

Happy Reading!

July 3rd 2015

Shanakan is going on special for a day or two - just $0.99 from Amazon. Get it while it's cheap!

June 25th 2015

I've been quiet for a while. It's been a busy month, but here's the news. I've secured new covers for the first three books of the Shanakan series, and you'll see those appear on the book pages under Shanakan. I've got the first proof of The Lawkeeper of Samara and am working through it - should be avaiable in a few weeks. Shanakan is now available as a paperback on Createspace and through Amazon.

I'm approaching the end of the fourth book that features Wolf Narak - currently around 114,000 words, but even when that's done it will be a while before I ship it. Have to revise, proofread etc. but I'm looking forward to seeing how you like it.

I've been running promotions this month, so if you've come here via eReader News Today, or Free Kindle Books and Tips, then you're very welcome. I'll just say again that I enjoy interacting with my readers, so if you want to drop me an email or ask a question on Goodreads I'll be happy to respond.

May 5th 2015

Not a bad month in April - the start of my second year as a self published writer. This year will see the publication of three, possibly four books. Shanakan is already out, and will be followed by The Lawkeeper of Samara and Scar Felice. What comes after that depends on what feedback I get on another manuscript I have in a third series, or just possibly I might finish the fourth Narak book, but that looks more like a 2016 release date at the moment (it's at 86,000 words now).

Just a reminder, especially to those who have bought copies of Shanakan, that reviews and ratings are the oxygen that we independent writers need to survive. I'm still trying to make ends meet as a writer and any small thing, from a goodreads rating to an Amazon review, helps. Yet again, my thanks to all those who have taken the time to do these things. Big love to you all.

April 26th 2015

I have decided to re-cover the new book Shanakan, and at the same time create covers for the next two to be released. If you want to see how that's going you can have a look at freelancer.com. I think you have to sign up to get in (it's free), but it's running as a contest under my id of trs99. There are three weeks to go. If you happen to stop by be sure to 'like' any designs that you think are good. Some of the work there is excellent.

April 13th 2015

Sad to say that I failed to snare the coveted Sir Julius Vogel Award - in both categories - but at least I made the short list. There's always next year, and the year after etc. etc. Patience is a virtue.

I'm still plugging away at the fourth book in the series that began with The Seventh Friend. The working title is 'The Serpent's Ward' and it's reached 71,000 words. I plan to about double that for the first book, so it will be a little shorter than the books in the first series.

April 3rd 2015

Finally Shanakan has made it - 36 hours from the time I pressed the publish button. I think that's a record for Amazon. Remember - reviews, especially on Amazon, open doors for independent authors like me. They are greatly appreciated. It's a great help to me if you review all of my books that you've read!

April 1st 2015

Shanakan is released, but a few hours may still remain before Amazon make it available. For those of you out there that have been waiting for it, I hope it pleases you!

On a different note, I am rethinking the strategy of putting The Seventh Friend on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble etc. for free. I've had over 760 downloads of the free book (with no advertising) but they've generated only 26 sales. I've sold more paperbacks to friends. I don't want to put it back up to full price, but perhaps a 99 cent price tag will discourage the folks who download it just because it's free. I WANT people to read the book, not store it on their reader.

If you think this is a bad idea, let me know. There's a promotion coming up on April 14th and of course the SJV vote in a few days, so I won't change things immediately, but currently I'm thinking of boosting the price to 99 cents on May 1st.

March 29th 2015

Just a reminder that Shanakan, the first book in a new series will be available from Amazon on April 1st 2015. I plan to release a further two books in this series in 2015. I'm currently working on the second trilogy of The Talent - the sequel to The Sparrow and The Wolf - and about 58,000 words into it. Miles to go before I sleep.

March 13th 2015

RIP Sir Terry Pratchett, a great writer, an inspiration, an icon. He never lost sight of humanity. Terry lived the dream and showed us all how it could be done with dignity, style and humour.

February 27th 2015

Over the next week or so I will be uploading new versions of the Sparrow and the Wolf e-books. This will correct some of the typographic errors that have been pointed out to me, or that I have discovered during the editing process for the paperbacks. Don't worry if they seem to disappear for a day or two. There are no changes in the stories, just simple corrections.

February 25th 2015

A big thank you to all those who nominated me for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards. I am delighted to announce that I have made the short list in two categories: Best Novel, for The Seventh Friend, and best new talent. Thank you one and all.

Also I can now announce that The Pity Stone is avaiable on Createspace as a paperpack, and it will show up on Amazon, too, in short order. I have also received the first proof of Shanakan and have begun to work through it.

February 12th 2015

I've finished editing the Pity Stone and as soon as proof number 2 arrives I'll be releasing the paperback version. I'm also waiting for the first proof of Shanakan. You can see the cover here. Once that has arrived I have the editing job to do and then I'll release the ebook.

For those of you who like my work and would like to be emailed with notification of new titles and editions, please drop me a line to tim@timstead.info and put the word LIST in the subject or body of the email. I promise not to use the mailing list for anything else - unless I'm offering a book for free or at a discount, though I might send you an email to let you know you're on the list.

January 10th 2015

I now have the first proof of The Pity Stone and have started working through that. At the same time I have finally made the decision as to what I will write next: Narak is back. I have begun the first book of the second trilogy featuring the Wolf God. My other sequence is ready to go, and I am presently awaiting the cover before putting Shanakan on my Amazon and Smashwords bookshelves.

December 24th 2014

The paperback version of The Bloodstained God is now available from Createspace. You can see it here.

December 16th 2014

Just a note to say a public thanks to whoever nominated me for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards for best new talent and best novel. I received the official notification a couple of days ago. Also a big thanks for those of you who continue to buy my books. Sales picked up in October and have not yet fallen away. Oddly, though, the number of ratings on goodreads has stayed about the same.

I'm a few hundred words away from the end of the work I'm writing, and have already started the final revision of the next book to be published: Shanakan.

Still awaiting the final proof of The Bloodstained God paperback, and also now the first proof of The Pity Stone. Hope to have the first available before Christmas and the second about a month later. Fingers crossed. These things take longer than you would think...

December 8th 2014

I thought a lot about whether to put this page up. It seems presumptious to ask you for something other than to buy the books, read and review them as many of you have, but in the end you can just ignore this, and I wouldn't ask anyone to do anything unless they thought the work deserved it... As always my fate is in the hand of my readers.

December 6th 2014

All issues with the paperback of The Bloodstained God have been sorted - I hope. Waiting for the final proof to arrive. Still struggling with the last chapters of Lawkeeper. Almost tempted to put it aside and get the next book ready for Amazon and Smashwords, but that way lies madness, or at least dissatisfaction.

The holiday season, or Christmas as it's called in this part of the world, is upon us and I'd like to wish all my readers a very happy, prosperous and satisfying new year.

And another plea: if you enjoy my books please let me know via a rating on Goodreads, a review there, or best of all a review on Amazon. It doesn't have to be a clever analysis, just a few words will do. These things open doors for me, in that they encourage other readers to take a chance on my work, and that's what it's all about. Thanks again to all those who have already done this.

November 19th 2014

I'm getting close the end of the first draft of "The Lawkeeper of Samara". It will probably take another couple of weeks to finish it, and then I'll move on to polishing up "The Black Sword", which may well be renamed. I'm thinking of calling it "Shanakan", and if anyone out there has a strong opinion I'd love to hear it. Whatever I call it, I have to get a cover done and revise it once again before it sees the light of day. It probably needs more work than anything else I've written because it was the first book I wrote. I suspect that I will release the first three Shanakan books much as I did the first three Narak books, though they're not really a trilogy and each could be read in isolation.

On the other side, I've got the proof of paperback version of "The Bloodstained God", and I have to say that I think it looks very good. Now I just have to read through it carefully (again) and try to eliminate a few more of those distracting typos before I order some stock. So much of this writing business is not actually writing...

I'm toying with the idea of a stand at Armageddon in Christchurch, which would probably be shared. Although I made a financial loss on the Auckland experience I think it was valuable in many other ways. It was fun to actually hand over copies of my book to people, and this time I might have two paperbacks to sell.

October 27th 2014

Well, that's Aramageddon done for me. I spent two days standing behind a table talking to anyone who'd listen about my book and the books of my fellow members of SpecFicNZ. It was a mixture of fun and frustration, but more of that later - I'll have to blog about it when time allows. We learned a lot, that's for sure, and having a stand opposite Terry Brooks is an eye opener (he was only there a couple of hours a day, but the queues were massive).

October 7th 2104

It's been a long time since I updated this, but it comes from a different server now, and a different web provider. My old provider went belly up so I tried to transfer the domain (nothing happened for two weeks), but eventually decided to keep it and just redirect to a new server. So here we are again.

I have now moved on to Smashwords, and the first two books are available there. I have decided to change my pricing structure, too. The first book is now FREE on Smashwords, and the second two are $3.99 each. That means you'll pay $8 for the whole 560,000 word trilogy (was $9), but you get the first book for nothing. On Amazon I've dropped the first book to $0.99 (the lowest I can) and upped the second and third to $3.99, so if you really want to buy on Amazon the three are still $9.

September 8th 2014

The Seventh Friend is now available as a paperback on Createspace. So if you loved the book, you can now own a physical copy. The others will follow soon. It's on Amazon, too, but if you can buy it from Createspace it's better for me.

August 30th 2014

Thanks to all those who stopped in and looked at the tour sites, and special thanks to all those on the sites who reviewed The Seventh Friend, and even more to those who cross posted to Goodreads and Amazon. It really makes a difference.

Preparations for Armageddon are proceeding. I have ordered another proof from Createspace to see if I can improve the cover resolution, but whatever happens I will have plenty of paperbacks there for people to buy. It's been a longer haul than expected with Createspace, but the first book has taught me a lot, and the others should follow more quickly.

I'm still working through the second book in the new series (first and third are written). I hope to release them all as ebooks before the end of the year and the first before Armageddon, but we shall see!

August 11th 2014

Well, we're going on tour again. I've booked a blog tour with ReadingAddiction just to see how it works for me. The idea is to pick up a few more reviews, and a few more sales would be nice. Please feel free to drop in on any of the tour stops and comment. I'll be doing my best to visit and say hi on each stop. You can find the tour schedule by clicking on the image.

July 16th 2014 Just to say thanks again for all those who have read, rated and reviewed my books. It's heartwarming to see how many seem to like them!

It seems that I may well be at Armageddon in Auckland in October. I will be sharing a stand with a group of other local authors and selling paperback copies of The Seventh Friend. If anyone wants to get a copy from the author's own hand, that will be your chance. Some of my other books may also be available. More news when I have it.

July 6th 2014
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June 25th 2014
I have cobbled together a map for The Seventh Friend. This will be included in the Createspace edition, but for those who bought the ebook, you can find the map here.

May 16th 2014
It's time for the big give away! The first book, The Seventh Friend, will be free on Amazon from May 19th until May 23rd inclusive. Please help yourself to a copy. Of course I would be more than delighted if one or two of you managed a comment or even an Amazon review, but my fellow writers tell me this is a forlorn hope. Happy reading.

I am steadily working my way through the latest book, which now bears the title The Lawkeeper of Samara. It's something new for me - a fantasy detective. I'm not usually one who likes his genres mixed, but it seemed a logical extension to the previous books in that unpublished set - think Commander Vimes of the Watch without the laughs. If you want to get a taste you can find the first few chapters on Authonomy.

April 23rd 2014
The books continue to sell - after an initial rush perhaps a little more slowly that I might have hoped, but I'm still on target for what I wanted from the first year, and haven't indulged in any promotions. I am beginning to believe that I need a map for the Createspace version, and that will delay the release by a month or so.

Thanks for the reviews, those who were kind enough to provide them, especially John D Steele (on Amazon). It is very gratifying to see what I was trying to do reflected back at me.

April 14th 2014
The Pity Stone, the third and final installment of The Sparrow and the Wolf, is now available on Amazon. The next step to to provide Createspace editions so that interested parties (like me) can have paperback copies of the books. The cover for the Seventh Friend paperback is in the works at the moment, so I should be able to get that up on schedule - the end of the month. As always, watch this space. After I have those three in paperback I will begin preparing The Black Sword for publication. That might involve quite a bit of re-writing. At the same time I'm 7,000 words into a new book. Just can't stop...

April 11th 2014
Thanks to folks who have bought one or both of the books. I hope you are enjoying them. This is a plea. Please please please let me know what you think - you can review them on Goodreads or Amazon or simply drop me a note. I'd prefer a review, of course, because I'm just starting out, but I'm happy with an e-mail because I really want to know what people think. It will help me to become a better writer. Now I'll go away and get on with the next book...

April 9th 2014

The Bloodstained God is now available on Amazon. Is this a record for publishing the second book of a trilogy? The price is the usual US$2.99. I still have some work to do to get the third book ready, but I hope to get it out before the end of the month, so if you've started reading The Seventh Friend you'll probably be able to read all three without a break - here's hoping. I've started tinkering with a new book, but more of that later.
April 6th 2014

I plan to release The Bloodstained God to Amazon as an e-book by the 15th, and with a bit of luck the Createspace version of The Seventh Friend by the end of the month. Watch this space. I just finished the final edit on Pity Stone, and I have to say that I enjoyed it. Coming soon.

April 1st 2014
The Seventh Friend is published on Amazon. It is now possible to buy my first book. The Seventh Friend is the first book of a trilogy. The second and third are already written and will follow quite quickly. All will be priced at the standard US$2.99. Try it. Buy it. Tell me what you think.

March 1st 2014
The covers for the Sparrow and the Wolf trilogy are done and dusted. You can see them on the book page. I like them a lot. Let me know what you think. Endaine is finished. It came out at around 105,000 words but still needs a couple of rewrites. I'm now focussed on getting the Sparrow and the Wolf onto Amazon - aiming for the first book to be up there in April.

January 27th 2014
Endaine is almost finished. It passed 100,000 words this week. More interestingly I will be taking a break from writing when it's complete and spending the time getting several books ready for Amazon. The plan is to have the first online and available on April 1st, and at least two others shortly thereafter. I'm staring with The Seventh Friend and its two sequels. Any suggestions on places to source a good front cover would be welcome.